Our Story

Welcome to The BTS Team, Inc., a professional placement company that provides candidates who are career focused and ready to compete with a growth opportunity.  Our philosophy has always been to create relationships with candidates, clients, and team members to provide reliable, consistent service.  The world of business has changed so much over the past decade, ushering in the age of social media, virtual meetings, and streaming while challenging the need for physical interaction to create relationships.  We believe the need to cultivate relationships and foster good business remains relevant in 2020 whether driven by digital or physical interaction.

The BTS Team is led by, Earl Cummings, a business entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience refining and leading companies involved in staffing, recruiting, and consulting.  Earl believes that business may change tactics and technology to compete, but the fundamentals of good people, processes, and great execution remain paramount to success. 

We invest in great team members, and work closely with industry partners, to ensure that we deliver a great experience to our clients and candidates.  We present candidates to our clients that possess the essential skills and experience to support their vision, understand their mission, and share their values.


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